First a few things about myself. I am not a fitness professional – yet! Over the last few years I took on the challenge of transforming myself to become fitter and look better. In that time I have read a lot of literature and experimented with diet, exercise techniques and helped a few friends on the road to a healthier and fitter self.

So why am I starting this blog? A number of reasons really.

One of the things I have found is that getting in great shape is actually rather simple – something that the supplement companies, and cheap shoddy exercise equipment producers want you to forget. Note I didn’t say it is EASY, but it is fairly simple. Making diet and exercise complicated is a great way of procrastinating about getting into shape, and I hope that in the course of this blog I’ll help cut through the crap a little.
There are also a lot of myths out there that confuse people.

Another reason is that I have really become passionate about helping people get into great shape within the constraints of their lifestyle. While some people think I am a gym rat, in reality I really only spend maybe 3-4 hours a week total in the weight room. It really is possible to fit things into a hectic lifestyle and to build commitment and good habits.

A third reason is a bit more selfish. I’d like a place to collect all my thoughts and links to cool and useful websites so I can refer back to them as I go forward.

Hopefully through all of this I’ll help some people make simple choices and changes to get them on the track to a healthier life and not add to the confusion that exists out there. Please feel free to add comments to this or any other post or to contact me directly with any thoughts for things you’d like to see.

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