There are a few different names for this exercise, for example the “Core Row’”. In a previous post I mentioned that I do not do crunches or sit-ups but prefer instead to do more isometric exercises. The plank is a great example, but is a little too easy for me.

Note this is a favorite exercise of mine. I would recommend that you get good at planks and side planks before moving onto the renegade row. If you feel brave enough to try it though, let me know how it works for you.

The renegade row is basically a cross between a plank and a bent over row. The main difference compared to a regular row though is that there should be no activation of the upper back or lats. Instead the idea is that you are resisting the natural rotation to hit the core and particularly the obliques.

To start, select two dumbbells or kettlebells at a decent weight (I do at 45lbs right now) and set up in plank position with feet slightly apart to help maintain balance.
From this position, perform a row with one arm, while trying to keep the shoulders and back level. Keep the stomach tight and contracted as with a plank, and you will really feel it in the obliques. Repeat with the other arm, and then repeat for a total of 8-12 reps or as many as you can do.

This article is great for pointing out the appropriate techniques. The links at the bottom include one that points out common mistakes.

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