Yesterday I saw something amazing. At the gym amongst the majority of people meandering through a half-hearted workout I saw a handful of people that really owned their workout routine. They were consistent, energetic, focused and obviously giving it their all. That alone is great, but one person stood out.

I didn’t say hi, and I didn’t ask her name – its an unwritten rule not to disturb someone in between sets or if they were wearing headphones or for a multitude of other reasons – but I did admire from a distance.

I saw her warm up with step up jumps, and move quickly through split squats, dumbbell presses, bent over rows and cable flies.

And the admiration wasn’t because she was hot (yet she was) and not because her routine had more energy than 98% of the folks the the gym (although it did).
She totally owned her routine despite being over 8 months pregnant
Watching her energized and motivated me to get a better workout too – and for that I thank her.

And there it is. If an 8 month pregnant woman can push out an intense workout, there is absolutely no excuse for the rest of us.

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