The kitchen at work has some new disposable cutlery. In the interests of sustainability, we now use products that are made out of corn and so are biodegradable and therefore better for the environment.

Last night I watched Food, Inc for about the 8th time.

This got me thinking. A hefty portion of the products in the supermarket contain corn1264352_66492203 based ingredients. Corn is able to be manipulated in many ways in a lab to provide many alternative foods and products giving us chemical structures in our body that we are probably not evolved to be capable of digesting.

Food companies tout their corn based products as “all natural”, I mean they come from  a natural source right? A corn field in Iowa.

The corn based cutlery really got me thinking about this as this is simply another manipulation of the chemical structures in corn. You won’t eat the cutlery, so why would you want to eat some other Frankenstein concoction of this nutritionally empty product?

If you need to be convinced about what corn is doing to us and how messed up the food industry is in the US in general, you absolutely MUST watch Food, Inc. It starts showing this week on PBS and is a must watch documentary!

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