I have been a long time advocate of DryMax. As posted in my foot care article, I have tried most good brands and variations of socks and find the sock selection as critical as shoe/boot selection.

This weekend I set out on a challenge with a heavy pack (around 70-75lbs), H16_BLKGRNB__93943.1388272333.380.380Prosok on my left foot and DryMax on my right under my Rocky S2V boots. Sadly insane back pain had me active for only 5 hours before I had to remove myself for the first time from a GRC, so I will repeat this experiment until I feel I have done it justice. Therefore this is just an initial comparison.

Both of these brands of socks are phenomenal, by the way, and far surpass any other brand I have used. In other words, if its a choice between either of these brands and anything else on the market, both are good choices for long distance events or events ran with wet feet.

The Test

Initial Verdict

The first set of movements under weight were with mostly dry feet. When rucking fast, or running, the slightly more abrasive material and weave of the DryMax was obvious. My feet felt a few “warm” spots that while not bad, were obvious compared to the soft, very comfortable sensation on the Prosok foot. The Prosok foot had no feelings of pain or irritation at all – more the sensation of being barefoot on carpet.

Wet Feet

drymax With wet feet, again no problems were found with either foot. That said, the DryMax combined with the venting on the Rocky boots caused the water to be pulled away from that foot very quickly. In comparison, the Prosok foot continued to feel “wet”. In both cases, though, there were no issues that arose in the short time I made movement with wet feet. I purposely did not take the opportunity to wring out moisture from the socks – something I would usually do.


The test was too short to be definitive, and my strategy to wear different socks throughout an event will continue. I will continue the side by side test at my next long event, hopefully a GR Heavy, soon.

This short test showed some differences in specific circumstances, with Prosok just winning out when dry or damp, and DryMax just having the edge when soaking wet.

Watch this space for a more thorough test coming soon.

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