I covered foot care in a previous post, and in that post highlighted a product I carry with me at most events.

UPDATE: The same kit is now also available at GORUCK.com

IMG_7565 Trauma1 is a small GRT-owned company that specializes in medical, trauma and custom kits for almost any conceivable circumstance. These kits are packaged in a way that makes them extremely light, and are vacuum-sealed and re-sealable. I first came into contact with the owner, Scott, when I was looking for prize donors and sponsors for the Run For 1M virtual race last year. Scott and I developed this initial concept as a runners care kit that provided everything that might be needed to quickly resolve most issues that a runner might face.

IMG_7566 The version I am reviewing here is the compact kit. Weighing in at almost nothing, the kit is versatile enough to provide enough relief for blisters, chafing, pain relief and other issues but compact enough to be something you might carry around even for a normal long run.

When I start to hot-spot there are a few options (other than ignoring it) and they all revolve around reducing friction on the hotspot area. Band-aids, duct tape, and lubricant are all provided as alternatives to help fix the problem.

IMG_7568 If a blister forms and is significant enough that it needs draining, the kit contains sterilized lancing needles that can be used to pop and drain the blister.

If a blister pops by itself and leaves raw exposed skin, the kit contains benzoin (to protect the exposed skin – beware, it stings) and band aids or tape to cover if necessary.

Band aids are also useful for chafing nipples (you marathon runners know what I am talking about) or annoying abrasions.

IMG_7569 Finally for pain relief aspirin and ibuprofen are included (not in the GORUCK branded item).

The kit itself is compact, lightweight and easy to navigate. All the smaller items are contained in a smaller baggy and larger items are stuffed in with enough leeway to enable an easy repackage after something in the kit is used.

I highly recommend this kit as a useful, and hopefully rarely needed, addition to your med kit for hikes, rucks, longer road races or to keep handy in your car.

The website for ordering is trauma1kits.com

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