When I first saw the GORUCK Field Pocket come on the market I thought “seems too pricy for the utility”, but ended up seeing one in action and since have bought many of them in all the sizes. The fact that they are current in the Deals and Steals offerings makes it a perfect time to consider expanding the GORUCK gear in your collection

So what is it?

GORUCK provided an explanation in their usual way when they were released a couple of years ago. All their posts are here.

Basically it is a small storage cube that can be attached to a GR ruck, carried independently via its own carry handle, or kept loose inside your GR ruck or gym bag.


Photo courtesy of GORUCK.

At the time of writing GORUCK has some promotions running on gear, and some of the field pockets are being cleared at a great price.

The original GR Field Pockets are available in multiple sizes, and are designed to go with specific rucks and can be attached to the interior OR exterior MOLLE.

The Shadow Pockets are also in multiple sizes but don’t have interior compartments or exterior MOLLE connectors. They are therefore much cheaper.


Photo courtesy of GORUCK.

Lets get onto the uses. Some of these are mine, and some were collected from the GORUCK Tough community

GORUCK events

1. A field pocket attached to the outer edge of the ruck serves as a second handle, convenient for shoulder presses or when strap privileges are lost.

2. A field pocket attached to the outside of the ruck is handle for items that need to be obtained quickly, and while on the move, such as food, strapping, a knife, meds etc.

3. A field pocket attached to the inside of the ruck can be used to store a brick or steel weights to keep event weight close to the back and high

4. A loose field pocket inside the ruck can be used to keep loose items, such as 550 cord, knife, strapping, 100mph tape, etc together for easy access in lieu of a dry bag.

5. Team Weight. Fill a GR2 field pocket with donated quarters, a bunch of lead or some other heavy but meaningful item.

6. Med kit. Keep necessary meds/first aid items protected and together by using a field pocket inside a dry bag.

7. Foot care kit. Keep a tub of Trail Toes, foot powder and a foot care kit together inside their own shadow pocket.

8. Patch/challenge coin storage. Store all your awesome purchases from GORUCK Skymall and earned patches in their own Field Pocket.

9. Flag storage. Store Old Glory (folded correctly of course) in a GR2 field pocket to keep it clean and safe for transportation to your next challenge.

10. Shadowing an event? Keep your hip flask full of fine scotch in a field pocket attached to the outside MOLLE for easy access.

Every Day

11. Dopp Kit (toiletry bag) – The Radio field pocket is my toiletry bag of choice. Easy to carry, compartmentalized, rugged, easy to clean. The smaller size carries all my travel toiletry needs easily.

12. Kindle/tablet case. My Kindle Paperwhite fits perfectly into a GR1 field pocket along with notebooks, pens, and charging leads. An iPad mini would also fit nicely in there.

13. Cable organizer. When traveling I will keep Mophie battery packs, USB and iPhone leads and other electrical items in a single field pocket.

14. Baby wipes etc. Use a field pocket attached to a laptop bag for a tactical diaper bag. The field pocket can be used to contain wipes, sanitizer and other smaller items used for keeping your baby adherent to rule 1.

15. Laptop charger/travel adapter storage. If you use your GR1 as a laptop bag, store the relevant leads inside a field pocket for a tidy main compartment.

16. Condiment kit. Use to store packets of herbs and spices for camping, etc.

17. Gym bag organizer. Throw gym gloves and lifting straps in a field pocket to keep your gym bag more organized.

18. Makeup kit.

19. Lunchbox. Easily store sandwiches, some fruit and a Quest bar or two to throw in the office fridge.


20. Cold weather kit. Keep emergency blankets, a rain jacket, wool cap, socks etc in a field pocket in the car for emergency cold weather purposes

21. Loose ammo storage. Throw loose ammo in a shadow pocket for easy transport to the range.

22. Medical equipment storage. Using a GR Field Pocket to keep diagnostic equipment together and protected has been used by many GRT in the medical industry.

23. Survival kit. Keep fire starters, flares, emergency blankets, water tablets and other items together for a quick grab and go survival kit.

24. Epi pen holder. Have some serious, life-threatening allergies? Keep a field pocket attached to the outside of your EDC ruck for quick access.

25. Concealed weapon storage. Keep your EDC weapon and spare magazines in a field pocket attached to the inside MOLLE for those days when your skinny jeans don’t allow a regular concealed carry.

26. Magazine holder. Similar to the above, but use to keep magazines organized for a trip to the range.


27. Lens pouch. Slightly padded, room for memory cards, spare filters and lens caps make a field pocket idea for storing your favorite spare lens. My GR1 pocket can hold my 100mm and 50mm lens safely when attached to the internal MOLLE in my GR1. Keeping them high protects the lenses from all the other stuff that rattles around the main compartment

28. Flash kit. Store flashes, diffusers and off camera mounts in a field pocket.

29. Accessory kit. If you shoot a LOT, you can store external hard drives, extra memory cards, photo viewers, etc in a single field pocket.


30. Fill with sand, and use as a “football” on the beach.

31. Fill with sand and rocks and use as a weight to hold down your kite at the beach.

As you can see I didn’t hit 101 uses BUT the field pockets are so universally useful that I have no doubt many more uses can be found. Share how you use YOURS in the comments.

Buy your Field Pockets here.

6 thoughts on “101 uses for a GORUCK Field Pocket

  1. Hi Mark,
    What’s the best way to attach the field pocket to use as an extra handle? Carabiners through molle on each side? I’ll see you Friday in Worcester.


  2. I use a GR2 Field Pocket as a perfect holder for my pelican cased iPad mini. It is the most functional and protective system of cases I have found for my favorite tech toy.


  3. I use my Gr1 Field Pocket, attached to outside to my 10L Bullet Ruck, for quick access to my fishing lures and other fishing necessities on my quick day hiking trips.


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