GORUCK just announced some awesome “all-in-one” rucking kits that save you time and money (up to 25% in fact).

If you read my “Packing for a GORUCK Heavy” post, and compared my outfit to one of the kits available you will see a lot of parity – including the use of source bladder, ITW web dominator (for securing hydration tube) and carabiner.

So onto the kits. There is one kit for each of the GR rucks. Each kit contains the following additional items


I listed this first as it is my favorite pack and is ideal for anyone below 6’0”. With the same proportions as the GR1, it stands on the shoulders of a giant.

UPDATE: NO LONGER AVAILABLE – see Rucking Accessory Kit instead


The original and most popular GORUCK pack to date. I have about 6 of these in various colors and for every day purposes its my favorite ruck. I still prefer the GR0 for rucking heavy weight though due to my shorter stature (I am 5’7”).

It also includes the Source Low Profile bladder and the 30lb sandbag filler bag.

The GR1 kit can be had for only $290 (full price normally $408)


Ideal for a GORUCK Light event, or day to day carrying of items. My son uses this as his school bag for 3rd grade, and is perfect for the Kay Chen’s of the world (sorry Kay).

UPDATE: NO LONGER AVAILABLE – see Rucking Accessory Kit instead

GORUCK 10L Hydration Bullet Ruck

This ruck is ideal as a hydration ruck for Obstacle Course Racing, as well as for an event like the GORUCK Light or 5 pack 5K. I use this for weekend day hikes, and perfectly holds food items, water, and a bunch of gadgets.

I love its streamlined fit, and is my preferred pack when I don’t need to carry a huge amount of stuff.

The kit includes the Source Standard bladder and the 20lb sandbag filler bag.

The Bullet kit runs at $160 (full price normally $210)


Finally the big baddy of them all, the GR2. An amazing travel ruck, or a great ruck for multi-day camping trips. I used this for GORUCK Selection and use it whenever I visit the various team houses.

UPDATE: NO LONGER AVAILABLE – see Rucking Accessory Kit instead


3 thoughts on “Ruck shopping made easy

  1. Mark,

    I’ve got the 5.11 Rush 12 and placed 2 10lb plates in it and it does not feel comfortable on the shoulders. Placed the same weights in my military issue pack with waist belt and feel like I could carry it all day long. Have not tested the weight or even tried on a GR before. Is the Rush pack just not designed to carry that amount of weight or are the GR series that much more comfortable?



  2. Mark, thanks for the site info.

    I’ve got a question about Selection requirements. The Packing list says that all items on the left column ( https://content.goruck.com/fliers/Selection%20Packing%20List.pdf ) are all “recommended”.

    1) Do I necessarily NEED a GoRuck Ruck? I have a Condor Assault Pack ( http://www.condoroutdoor.com/Condor-125-008.aspx ) which I train with and love. It has handles on either side as well as side pouches for easy access.

    2) If items are “recommended” then why is everyone wearing PT belts? brown shirts? head lamps? etc? They don’t appear to be “recommended”.


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