The infamous Chris Nelson jokingly posted this in the GRT (GORUCK Tough) group on what is rapdily becoming “Troll Wednesday” …


Don’t waste your money Chris. Your cat will quit.

10 reasons your cat will quit his GORUCK challenge

1. He cannot go 8-10 hrs without sleeping
2. Have you tried to get a cat to work WITH another cat and not start fighting?
3. Cats don’t play “fetch” – he will never get the log from the woods
4. If he does go into the woods, he will bring back something partially alive
5. You can’t get your cat into the water…
6. … Let alone the ocean for bottom samples
7. Any time someone’s headlamp shines and darts around, the cat will leave the group alone to chase it
8. Have you tried buddy carrying a cat?
9. He cannot low crawl without stopping to eat every blade of grass
10. He’s a big pussy

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