About 18 months ago I came to the conclusion that the effort I was putting in at the gym wasn’t getting me anywhere, or at least not quickly. I started looking around online for inspiration with three goals in mind – get stronger and get leaner naturally. I wanted to look like I lifted weights, I wanted a six-pack and I wanted to do it naturally.

I read through a large number of sites, and eventually stumbled on the site by Mark McManus (not the one of Taggart fame – but rather an Irish bodybuilder).

I read through his free e-book, Total Anabolism and the science felt right to me. The

approach of progressive overload described made sense and also made me realize that my aimless workouts weren’t doing me ay favors.

I went from a mostly ad-hoc full body workout to a structured and logged split workout. I competed against my previous weeks lifts, lifting more reps or more weight each week – something I still do to this day such that, for example,

my squat is 3 times as heavy today as it was 18 months ago.

I quickly started noticing results, and armed with this decided to be more aggressive and order his Total Six Pack Abs program – a bargain. This armed me with dietary tools for shedding fat while staying strong, and it worked great. In no time my body fat dropped to a level where I could see my abs. To this day I follow the carb-cycling principles outlined by TSPA, and continue to stay lean and strong.

So a big shout out to Mark – thanks for getting me on track and helping me stay there.

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